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RX-QHL (B) 8000-5+5/12 Small flat wire double-furnace enamelling machine

Main technical parameters:
• Wire gage of production: 3-25mm
• Number of thread of production: 10 (5+5) threads (two ovens)
• Production speed: 3-20m/min
• Painting courses: 12
• Paining method: die painting (or felt painting)
• Valid length of oven: 8 m
• Valid length of annealing furnace: 12m
• pay-off spool size: 710X355X270X62 or standard box Φ630
• Size of take-up spool: 500X180X230X40
• Installation capacity: about 300kw
• Daily power consumption: About 1500kw.h
• Take-up traction motor uses frequency converting control and stepless speed regulation; flat cable uses PLC control accuracy ball screw drive and reversing pause to ensure quality of flat cable.
• For hot air circulation oven with catalytic combustion apparatus, catalytic hot air is blown into the chamber which has no electric heater, with good environmental protection and energy-saving effect.
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