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Vertical enamelling machine control system hardware configuration

IPC system configuration
IPC system selected Advantech industrial PC and the board system configuration. PCL-818L: 12-bit single-ended 16-channel data acquisition card, the conversion rate of 40KB / S, fully meet the control needs. CLD-789D: 16-channel small signal amplification board. PCL-726: 6-channel D / A output card. PCL-724: 24 DI / DO card.
Detection element and actuator selection
(1) heating zone temperature with thermocouple measurement, thermocouple output signal by PCLD-789D zoom, send PCL-818L A / D conversion. The circulating hot air wind speed is adjusted by the frequency converter, the electric power of the heating is controlled by the thyristor, and the group is composed of three high power bidirectional thyristor modules.
(2) combustion zone negative pressure measurement using integrated diffusion silicon pressure transmitter, the output signal 4 ~ 20mA. Blast flow and waste discharge flow using the inverter speed control to replace the original baffle throttle control mode, the inverter output frequency in the automatic mode, given by the D / A card output, manual mode, the potential by the panel Control, potentiometer from the match.
(3) take-off speed measured with a tachogenerator. Cable motor and drive motor also uses the inverter to replace the original electromagnetic governor to control the speed, the inverter output frequency according to process requirements preset.
(4) Inverter fault output signal, disconnection sensor signal and monitoring switch signal connected PCL-724, thyristor trigger control signal is also output by the PCL-724.
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