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Vertical enamelling machine process characteristics and control requirements

Vertical enamelling machine Using a new hot air circulation process. Wire to speed v after the release of annealing, painting, through the oven heating the heating zone baking, the paint layer of organic solvents and thinner evaporate out, the film curing drying. And then by the collection device line. The organic solvent vapor evaporated during the baking process contains a lot of harmful gases, and at the same time has a high combustion calorific value. Vertical enamel charter used in the new hot air circulation process, the organic solvent vapor after the catalytic combustion, combustion of high temperature exhaust gas through the hot air circulation system sent to the enameled oven cycle, as one of the heating source of the oven to replace part of the electricity Heating, organic solvent vapor burned into carbon dioxide and water, greatly reducing the amount of harmful gases in the exhaust gas. Vertical enamel charter production process is more complex, requires the baking temperature, combustion process and other process parameters to ensure that the enameled wire film quality, eliminate pollution and save energy. And in accordance with the different requirements of the various processes, control equipment operation.
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