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Horizontal enamelling machine energy - saving measures of the transformation program

Enameled wire production is currently the most effective energy-saving measures, mainly enamel waste gas (solvent vapor) re-use, followed by reasonable control of the largest loss of heat (about 60%) of the smoke. Horizontal enamel furnace is the largest feature of the number of layers, to adapt to the production of small-size enameled wire. As the small line in the production of less solvent consumption, the heat generated by the catalyst is also less, combined with the circulation of fans and pipes also consume energy, and thus the actual value of recycling waste is not high. For the multi-layer horizontal oven, because the composite coating enameled wire in the primer and paint and paint when the need for two different temperatures, so the structure is more complex and costly, so the use of reasonable control of smoke energy savings measures more realistic. In each layer of the middle of the oven near the evaporation end of the exhaust, the use of drilling quantitative quantitative pumping. The diameter of the smoke hole is determined according to the ratio of the height difference between the height of the smoke and the height of the total chimney, and the ratio of the exhaust air pressure is calculated. Therefore, the cross section of each row of the exhaust port gradually decreases from the top to the bottom. As the circular cross-section than the rectangular cross-section of the drag coefficient is small, so the use of playing round hole, with the change in aperture and the number of holes to adjust the air pressure per layer, so that each layer of air volume equal. In addition, in the catalytic combustion chamber and chimney between the addition of smoke flow control set. Smoke flow control device is composed of three pieces of 400x400x5mm heat-resistant stainless steel plate, the plate playing eight 25mm hole, the middle of a stainless steel plate can be activities in order to adjust the size of the hole to change the hole through the cross- Under the realization of waste discharge constant pressure quantitative control.
In addition, for the equipment does not use the catalytic combustion of hot air energy saving measures, should use far infrared heating energy-saving technology, in the enamel furnace liner above the installation of high emissivity of the milky white quartz tube (diameter 20mm) as a heating element, and reasonable Distribution of the power of each tube electric heat Qiang pieces, to optimize the heat transfer design, improve the far infrared radiation energy, to accelerate the evaporation and curing of the purpose of the solvent.
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