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Introduction of energy - saving and environment - friendly

It is noteworthy that: the combustion of organic matter can not damage the enameled wire, for which must have a special combustion chamber, the heat after burning must be led to the lower part of the furnace; the upper part of the heat with the discharge to use must also do two points : First, change the upper open structure, take some measures to limit the emissions of emissions, and second, the upper part of the furnace body to carry the heat must also be introduced into the lower part of the furnace can be effectively used. Therefore, the key to the problem lies in the heat (which can be hot air for the heat medium) cycle, as long as the design can be effective hot air circulation system, all problems solved.
The structure of the new enameled charter According to the above analysis, combined with the gas and ventilation aspects of knowledge, after several design and modification. Combustion of combustible gas is changed into the combustion chamber in the upper part of the furnace. The combustion chamber is composed of a stainless steel refractory furnace and a catalyst composed of ceramic plating and platinum. The heat after combustion is made up of hot air The wind blower is sent to the lower inlet of the hearth through the duct and a small part for the upper air outlet for pressure, with the aim of creating a downward wind pressure to prevent the spontaneous combustion of the volatile gases in the furnace The momentum of a small amount of excess gas as the exhaust by the air flow control valve into the heat exchanger preheat supply fan to add the new wind (catalytic combustion must be fresh air) and then discharged. This part of the gas is much less than the gas discharged from the charter, and the heat is much less, and the heat it carries is used by the preheated fresh air, and the heat is lost The purpose of energy conservation. At the same time as the flammable gas in the combustion chamber full combustion, the release of a lot of heat, the circulating fan sent to the furnace, the furnace temperature is higher, the heat provided by the heat pipe can be greatly saved, the electric tube work time shortened a lot , Also achieved the purpose of saving power. Flammable gas is fully combusted, so that the exhaust gas from the exhaust outlet contains cresol, xylene and so little, so that the surrounding environment does not exist pollution problems, to meet the environmental requirements.
The new energy-saving effect is very obvious, only half a year to save electricity more than 20 million, saving more than 60, tasted the sweetness of the electrician will be the original another charter machine also eliminated , The two new charter flights for the electrical industry has brought considerable energy efficiency, but also solve the long-term troubled environmental problems. The new enamel charters make full use of the flammability of organic solvents, through the catalytic combustion, so that the release of heat, change the treasure, while the use of hot air circulation principle to be used to achieve the dual purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, energy saving and environmental protection are very obvious Enameled wire production industry, the inevitable trend of development, it is worth to promote the application as soon as possible.

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