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What is the charter

The enameled paint used in the production process of enameled wire contains a large amount of diluent and organic solvent. The main components are benzene, xylene and cresol, which emerge when the film is heated and cured, causing environmental pollution and energy waste. [Three kinds of organic matter with high combustion Calorific value, usually (32406 ~ 43208) kJ · kg-1], the production process, the organic matter can be condensed and gathered in the pipeline, causing production safety problems. Most of the production plants using single-layer rapid catalytic combustion of hot air circulation of the charter flights for exhaust gas purification. Organic waste gas into the catalytic combustion chamber, the catalytic combustion after the release of a lot of heat, and then through the fan into the oven through the oven, baking enameled film coating, while the exhaust gas into CO2 and water, both to save energy, and purification surroundings. In the exhaust gas purification and heat utilization, the catalyst plays a decisive role. Such catalysts are mainly coated with metal mesh or honeycomb porcelain as a skeleton, coated with a certain amount of two-coat coating, and then loaded with precious metals Pd and Pt as the active component, in which the two-coat coating on the catalyst performance is essential.
As a result of a variety of electrical equipment (all kinds of coils, motors, transformers, etc.) the widespread use of enameled wire into a very broad market prospects, the development of extremely good momentum of industrial products. Therefore, enameled wire manufacturers are more and more, only Henan Province, there are different sizes and different grades of more than 10 manufacturers. Energy conservation and environmental protection of charter flights has also become a problem that can not be ignored.
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