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Design of Composite Coating Enamel Furnace

In foreign countries, the production of composite coated enameled wire, commonly used on the primer and topcoat for multiple coating, one (or synchronous) molding equipment. In order to meet the different requirements of two kinds of insulating paint baking temperature, enameled machine is a combination of two independent enamel furnace. In order to repeatedly paint the primer and finish, increase the number of production head, usually in a cycle of two times for painting and baking.
The most critical issue in the double-cycle oven structure is the threading, alignment and disconnection. The design idea is to place a threading guide wheel (lead wheel) between the two wires. The lead wire on the lead wire is made with a nickel-chromium resistor wire made of helical coil to achieve both heat and bending. Threaded through the lead wire when threading. Cyclic alignment can meet the repeated requirements of repeated paint work, but also does not affect the broken wire adjacent wires.
Composite coating enameled wire coating process is, after softening of the bare copper wire through the booster roller conveyor, after the first roller coated primer into the first layer of evaporation curing bake Road; and then into the second paint roller and The second layer of bake Road; and then through the sub-line guide wheel and turn to the first roller painting. After this even after an even cycle, with the second layer of drying out of the line was assisted by the drum to the third roller coated on the second type, and into the third layer of bake. Similarly, through the third, the fourth floor of the second lacquer solution after the even cycle coating, they completed the double coating process of the whole process.
Each head (6 +6) Road paint, when the line distance of 10 ~, the effective width of the furnace 810mm. The first and second layers have nine leads, and the third and fourth layers have 10 leads, the actual number of painted lines per layer is 54, while the production of 18. As the lead wheel increases, not only to meet the composite coating enamel furnace in the structural requirements of the process, but also to the operator to bring convenience. However, it accounts for one-third of the width of the effective furnace, and does not seem to give full play to the production efficiency. How to evaluate the pros and cons of lead wheel, on the current terms, or to reduce the number of production as well.
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